Friday, May 26, 2017

week 7

I've been terrible!! Not enough hours in the day to do everything I want. I know you all feel me. Blogging is one of my favorite things, because I can pretend to write things people are interested in reading. But unfortunately a lot of the time, it gets pushed back behind other more important things.

Anyhooo.....I wanted to update you on my progress. I went for my 7th weigh in (I can't believe 7 weeks have gone by already!) on Tuesday and I dropped another pound of fat mass! So today that makes 8lbs lost! And my lean mass actually went up too, which is kind of the holy grail of fitness. Not sure how that is even possible, if I'm honest, but that is what the numbers reflect.

I was nervous for weight in, like every week. But I feel like even though I'm still tracking food and trying to eat healthy, I'm not quite as meticulous as I was in the beginning. Whatever I'm doing though, it's still working. I half expect it to come to a halt soon though, and have to drop my calorie intake a bit. That hasn't happened yet, thank goodness.

My niece got married over the weekend and my diet was good all day until dance time....which I knew and allowed myself. I was not about to feel guilty about having fun and celebrating with family. I had quite a bit of wine, but I danced all night too. Felt a little under the weather the next morning but once I got myself moving, drank some pickle juice, took some aspirin and ate, I was feeling pretty much back to normal. No harm done. And still a pound gone!

So, I will keep you updated as the weeks fly by. My clothes are fitting SO MUCH better and it is exciting to keep trying on old clothes that I haven't worn in years, and can actually wear! I am starting to feel like myself again and I don't see chub when I look in the mirror anymore!! I am getting my confidence back and I am loving the way I look! My arms are looking super strong and defined and I am excited to hit my goal by July 5th. 7 more pounds to go!!

Although I don't have an exact weight that I want to be, I figured if I lost 15 pounds I would probably look close to the way I want. The main thing now is to shave some more from my belly and hips and hoping to shape up my booty a bit. So far, I'm very proud of what I've been able to accomplish in 7 weeks!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


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